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What is TutorLingo?

TutorLingo is a series of on-demand videos and valuable resources focused on supporting the tutor training process. In partnership with CRLA (College Reading & Learning Association), Innovative Educators produced nine engaging videos as a practical online, on-demand tool to support your tutor training needs.

Research shows that tutees benefit from working with tutors who are better trained and prepared for sessions. By including these videos in your tutor training program, your tutors will receive training from national experts in the field of learning assistance. Additionally, if your institution is pursuing CRLA certification, these videos cover many of the Level I certification topics.

For more information about TutorLingo video workshops, please visit our web site, email us, or call 303.955.0415.

Problems accessing your TutorLingo workshops?

If you do not know your website name, are having problems accessing your workshops, or need technical support please refer to the Help page, email us or call 303.955.0415.

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